Milan Euringer

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Some say: Music lost its soul.

Everything used to be better in the good old days and everything is a copy of a copy of a copy…

But there is a new hope!

Only 19 years of age Milan Euringer is predestined to set the electronic music scene on fire.

Grown up in the south of Bavaria (Germany) Milan got his first keyboard in the age of 5 and started composing his own stuff when he was 13.

From that day on he decided to be a musician who does his own thing instead of copying others who copied others who copied.. well… you know…

His productions are packed with soul, funkiness and have this certain something that gives you goose skins all over.

Not thinking of a career and just making music for his friends Milan was accidentally discovered by Kittball Records label owners Tube & Berger who signed him right away.