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Kittball Records celebrates 15 years of catchy hooks, pumping basslines, and wicked melodies.
When Kittball founders Juliet Sikora and Tube & Berger first brought the label into being, they couldn’t anticipate the thunderstorm of good vibes it would trigger. Over the last decade and a half, the Kittball family grew exponentially, greeting a cadre of unbelievably talented musicians. House lovers like Ante Perry, Purple Disco Machine, Teenage Mutants, and Chemical Surf just to name a few.

For the 15th anniversary of their beloved brainchild, Kittballs revives some of their greatest hits from the past combined with the bangers of today. Dive in, to a journey reaching back as far as Tube & Berger and Juliet Sikora’s „It Began” kicking off the „It Began In Africa” charity series and get in the mood to travel through Kittballs very own recent history of House.

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Best Of – 15 Years Of Kittball

Release Date : September 24, 2020
Catalog ref. : KITT203
Format : Digital Download