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Only a chosen few can glimpse behind the curtain of farce and fallacy, albeit the populous needs to know. So, the curtain of illusion falls for the 19th time, as the Kittball Konspiracists uncover the truth shade by shade. No stone was left unturned by the messengers of this Konspiracy.

Now get shaky as George Privatti’s „Crazy Hour“ strikes, building up a hypnotic, hyper, movement, intensified by Chris Di Perri’s „Byson“. Before you even notice Salvatore Bruno and Chris Luno propel you into the sky for a flight. Upon landing your mind expands, as you enter the deep synthetic wave of Suulo vs. Curl – „Navida”. Dive further into the story, captivatingly conveyed by SYDELLIA’s voice in Juany Bravo and Housetronix – “No Place Like Home”. It is time: Get ready to lift right off again into MEKKAWY’s „Dark Space“, a dance-floor driver proving that headlines are not to be taken upon face value.
Eventually, you’re left with no choice, but to catch up on Vanilla Ace & Ayarez’s infectious mood, as this banger makes you flip the switch automatically.

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Release Date : November 12, 2020
Catalog ref. : KITT205
Format : Digital Download