About the Album

Peace, joy and pure vibes.
With their new EP ‘A change is gonna come’ Moonbootica send a message telling us what lies ahead.
‘A change is gonna come’ lures you on a clear path, straight to the dancefloor. Get ready for soft piano beats that quickly turn into a driving bassline. BOOOM! Endurance is what you need because Moonbootica’s gripping sound will not make you wanna leave.

Time for a little history lesson. With ‘Zeus’ we think of the supreme greek god, an elemental force of cosmic reason. If God is a DJ he sure has enormous musical powers. ‘Dance Dance Dance’ is what he demands and we obey without hesitation.

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Moonbootica – A Change Is Gonna Come EP

Release Date : February 10, 2022
Catalog ref. : KITT227
Format : Digital Download