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Finally, we dance! Raumakustik leads us out of the spiral of doom. Broke as hell, but happy.
The title track starts with some damn good vibes. Nothing too expensive, but very reasonably priced for a student looking out for some shaky times on a warm Thursday night. Drinks on the Raumakustik boys, as some summerly feels spread. Fresh percs, natural melodies, and a simple, relatable, hook-line (budget went short on the parts, sorry for that).

Continuing with “Ultra Like”. The amount of bass-bounce increases by about 69%, which is usually a good sign. We are introduced to some soft hybrid piano-synth-chords. Imma need to grab my cocktail umbrella for that next sentence, cause this track is hotter than a black CDJ parked in the middle of the sun in a beach club on Benguerra Island.

What can I say: We broke, but we happy – cause the sun is shining.

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Raumakustik – Broke EP

Release Date : July 22, 2021
Catalog ref. : KITT220
Format : Digital Download