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There’s no need to stop moving. The Deepshakerz keep the pace up as the culture dances in reunion. Time for the „Twitch EP“

„Twitch“ drops in with a deep to the core bass and some loco lyricism. Its head-melody gets your head rotating right to the BPM of the decks while your feet shift up to turbo. Just imagine a fleet of low riders jumping up and down in a diner parking lot.

„Dondolo“ now takes us a step deeper, while holding its core house elements up high. We’re talking naturally driven percs, hooky vox, oriental moods, and a touch of the infinite of space on the melody side.

Don’t worry – there’s no stopping soon. As long as we Twitch, we’re still alive.

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The Deepshakerz – Twitch EP

Release Date : September 9, 2021
Catalog ref. : KITT221
Format : Digital Download