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„Bang The Drum“ – any further instructions needed? Don’t think so!

Amy Lauren & Vanilla Ace raise the mood. „Bang The Drum“ is no less than a trance-inducing dance-infusion. Deep Tech House kickstarted by a banging beat, that would make any low-rider bounce straight to the moon. Marry this sentiment with a little melodic touch and the occasional breakbeat. Et voilà – bangs.

Time for round two: „Who Got The Funky Sound“ doesn’t even care about the dance floor anymore. It straight up turns the fire department into ashes. A first class vocal line meets an earthquake of a beat. If you don’t feel the sudden urge to move to the groove – you just ain’t human.

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Amy Lauren & Vanilla Ace – Bang The Drum EP

Release Date : June 24, 2021
Catalog ref. : KITT218
Format : Digital Download