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United we dance! It Began In Africa goes back to the roots, reviving the BEST OF IBIA.
Reaching back more than a decade, Kittball’s charity series has been founded on the sole purpose of supporting the talented artists of the African Children’s Choir. In graceful symbiosis DJs and producers from all over the world collaborated with the ACC.
Kittball proudly looks back on a multitude of beautiful anthems such as David West and Ida Engberg’s „Abataka”, Nil Young’s „Barifisitu”, Tube & Berger’s „Free Tribe”, Sarp Yilmaz and Juliet Sikora’s „Ibia” and many more. Now is the time to unite – more than ever.

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Best Of – It Began In Africa

Release Date : December 28, 2020
Catalog ref. : KITT206
Format : Digital Download