About the Album

What is house again? It’s really about the right amount of „just like that“, mixed with a pinch of „aw yeah“.
What flavor is it? Not too many ingredients are needed. Just a funky melody, some good ol’ bass, and a tasty beat.
Where can I get it? Preferably at Kittball Records. But let’s be honest: It’s really about the right bartender. Freedom B got the ingredient list right from A-Z.
Its delicious beat should satisfy even the most established house-connoisseurs. Mix that with the „aw yeah“ of a sick trumpet line and shake it up with some really good ol’ house bass bounce.
Et voilà: „Cocktail d’Amore“.

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Freedom B – Cocktail d’Amore

Release Date : May 6, 2021
Catalog ref. : KITT214
Format : Digital Download