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Welcome to Kittball’s 23rd edition of their compilation “Kittball Konspiracy”, including five exclusive originals from Tyler Coey, Juliet Sikora, Tini Gessler, CultureKind, Steve Hope, “XY” and Zen World.

Get ready for “Down” by Tyler Coey that offers funky vocal samples and energetic drums combined with a grooving bassline. Juliet Sikora and Tini Gessler follow with a strong vibe and their track “Swinger”. A powerful buildup that was made for no other place than the dance floor.
CultureKind keeps that power level high with their energy-driven production “Warehouse Love” and the message “I want your love” they won’t let you get this banger out of your head. It’s time for Steve Hope and a change of pace. “Birds On” welcomes you with a soothing melody and a vigorous vocal, hugging you goodbye on a warm summer day.
Kittball wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t close the comp with a bang – so it gets shaky! “To The Jungle” by “XY” and Zen World convinces with haunting drums and persuasive sounds that make you feel like you’re in the middle of Barat National Park in Bali.

Take a break after this collection of heavy productions or, what we recommend, get right back into it using the high-energy level, bestowed by yours Konspirators truly!

1. Tyler Coey – Down
2. Juliet Sikora, Tini Gessler – Swinger
3. CultureKind – Warehouse Love
4. Steve Hope – Birds On
5. “XY“, Zen World – To The Jungle

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Kittball Konspiracy Vol. 23

Release Date : September 1, 2022
Catalog ref. : KITT238
Format : Digital Download