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Are you ready for some old-school House music?
Marvin Aloys guarantees with his new song “Last Night” a playful sound that will pick you up and carry you to the Dancefloor.

“Last Night“ starts with a proper clear sound underlined with a brightening tone that provides the full blooming bassline. Furthermore multiple groovy vocals allow you to go deep inside yourself and connect with the music. The interaction between the individual light-toned sounds and the vocals are a perfect match. It almost feels like they’re playing with each other. The middle part puts forward some funky disco vibes that will completely crack you open.

Ante Perry remixed “Last Night“ and plays with versatile elements which give the song the right sharpness. You can literally let yourself drift with the music here. Such an intense adventure. You’d better not miss it!

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Marvin Aloys – Last Night (incl. Ante Perry Remix)

Release Date : April 27, 2023
Catalog ref. : KITT247
Format : Digital Download