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Wally Lopez tells it like it is!
„Dance Floor Tales“ blows the whistle on how the house movement works. A deep underground attitude, mixed with classic Tech elements plus a hypnotically simple vocal line. Give it a juicy bass. Hit it with a nice bouncy beat. BAM!

„You Can’t Handle The Truth“ picks up on that energy, embracing the melodic vibe. But there’s more. A sliver of Afro, a spark of Deep House, some more spacey vibes, nail your feet to the dance floor. Kinda feels like raving on Jupiter.

This is what happens when the key elements of the essential house genres unite. It’s deep. It’s shaky. It’s „Dance Floor Tales“.

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Wally Lopez – Dancefloor Tales EP

Release Date : June 17, 2021
Catalog ref. : KITT217
Format : Digital Download